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    The Rarest, Most Decadent, Most Luxurious

    Crabs in the World

  • About Our Crabs

    Exceptional Quality, Starts with Exceptional Location, Patience, and Attention to Detail.

    Our Sourcing

    All our crabs are sourced from the finest location in the world. Coconut Crabs are Landcrabs, meaning they actually dwell on land rather than the sea. Our Coconut Crab is sourced from our Private Island in the French South Pacific. The island is over 13 square miles of unspoilt lush vegatation, sandy beaches, and swaying palms. The perfect ingredients for a truely exquisite coconut crab. Our island is larger than 4 countries, which is exactly the right size for our coconut crab preserve to serve the select few, our select crabs.

    Our Family

    All of our family is committed to the sustainable, stress free care of our crabs. Our family are crab fanatics, and it shows. Coconut crabs are the most time and labor intensive crab you can buy, but that is part of our service to you. This is the definitive luxury crab indulgence.


    Each individual crab can take as many as 30 years to age to the correct standard for harvest. And will usually travel over 10,000 miles to your dining experience. We partner with the most esteemed firms to ensure that your investment is delivered intact, and decadently delicious.

  • Collections

    Limited Harvest. Harvested to Order.

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    See the decadence.

  • Chef Collaborations

    See the Finest Chef's preparing our Luxury Crabs

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